Free Mermaid Coloring Pages

Digital drawing of a colorful mermaid.

I drew some mermaids this year for MerMay. MerMay is an art challenge where artists draw/post mermaids every day in May. (Well, most artists, including me, only draw a handful during the challenge.) It’s already July, and these drawings were collecting dust in my coloring pages folder.

I like to draw mermaids with earrings, pearls, and other jewelry, though I often get a bit carried away and draw too many. For the backgrounds, I usually draw everything sea-related, like seashells, fish, and bubbles.

And the most important thing about mermaids? The colors! Sometimes picking the colors can be difficult, so I created these color palettes you can use if you want.

Four different color palettes.

Below you can see a small preview of the four mermaid coloring pages. You can color them digitally or print them out.

Four different mermaid coloring pages.


After clicking the download button, there should be print and save buttons, usually on the top-right corner.

These coloring pages are for non-commercial use! Have fun coloring!