Digitally drawn self-portrait of Katarii Art. Woman with long hair holding flowers.


Hello, I’m Katarii Art! I’m from Finland, and like many other artists, I too have always loved drawing!

My favorite thing to draw is mandalas. When I go through my old sketchbooks, there are almost always a few mandalas to be found. They are not only fun to design, but coloring them is another thing that I really like, or would like, if I had the time to color them all. So that really inspired me to create this blog. I have all these mandalas and other drawings just lying around waiting to be colored!

When I draw traditionally, my go-to art supplies are colored pencils and pan pastels. I also like to use gouache, watercolors, and markers. For my digital art, I use PaintTool Sai, Procreate and Illustrator. I might draw some quick sketches using Photoshop, but I just can’t get the hang of it when it comes to drawing.. So I use it mostly for editing my finished artworks.

You can find the printable coloring pages that I have created here. See if you find something that you like, and have fun coloring! 🙂

Feel free to message me in English or Finnish.