Fall Drawing Ideas

Looking for some fall drawing ideas for your sketchbooks or bullet journals? In this blog post, you can find a variety of autumn and Halloween-themed drawing ideas, from mushrooms and candles to pumpkins and adorable little ghosts! At the end of this blog post is a coloring page that has all the doodles seen below. You can print it out or color it digitally.

Fall drawing ideas to fill your empty pages with

Fall is usually the season that keeps a lot of people indoors due to the rainy and windy weather. But it also gives us a great opportunity to hone our doodling and drawing skills! So grab your papers and pencils, and get inspired by these different drawing ideas!

Thee drawings of different mushrooms, lineart version and next to them a colored version.


You can draw real mushrooms or get a bit more creative with your designs, especially with colors!

A fall drawing idea: three linearts of different candles and next to them a colored version.


Days are getting darker, so let’s bring some light to the autumn days with different candle drawings.

Drawings of a hat and a scarf inspired by fall.

Hats and scarves

It’s always fun to draw and design colorful hats and scarves. These designs are really simple, but you can look up or come up with more intricate geometric patterns for your hat and scarf doodles!

Two identical drawings of a mug side by side. One is a lineart and one is colored.

A cup of

coffee, tea, hot cocoa, or whatever you prefer. You could also throw in a few marshmallows! You can decorate your cup with autumn leaves or maybe something Halloween-themed.

A fall drawing idea inspired by different autumn leaves.

Different leaves

There is no fall without colorful leaves! A leaf is a relatively easy thing to draw, so experiment with different shapes and colors.

An autumn doodle idea: a drawing of a broomstick and below it a colored version.


A simple broomstick to sweep those leaves away. Or maybe this is a witch’s broom?

A Halloween-themed drawing idea: three different pumpkins.

Pumpkins and jack o’lanterns

Now we have gotten to the more Halloween-themed drawing ideas, and obviously the first one is going to be a pumpkin. Drawing different kinds of faces on them really gives them personality!

A fall drawing idea: three different cute ghosts.

Cute ghosts

Not so spooky Halloween. Fill your pages with some simple but cute ghosts!

A fall drawing idea: three different candies with lineart version and colored version.


Time to draw something sweet. Here are three different colorful candies you can try drawing.

Lineart and colored versions of a potion and a cauldron drawing.

Potion and cauldron

A few witch-themed drawing ideas. Your potion bottles can be different shapes too, such as squares, triangles, or even a star shape.

Drawings of two different cute cats. One has a scarf.


Here are some cute cats you can doodle in your sketchbook. Maybe even a page full of different kittens?

Fall drawing idea: a plant design that has cute skulls as flowers.

Skull flower berries

And lastly, something a bit different. I got this silly idea to mix flowers, berries and skulls. It’s kind of adorable..?

I hope these fall drawing ideas have inspired you to recreate these drawings or come up with your own ideas! There is a coloring page below with all these drawing ideas. So if you like coloring, make sure to grab it with you!


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This coloring page is for non-commercial use!

A coloring pae with different fall and Halloween-themed drawings, for example candles, mushrooms, pumpkins, candies, leaves and cats.

Post feature photo by Freepik